Consulting Services

When it comes to our cafe/roastery consulting and operations services, we're about doing things deliberately and thoroughly, fostering success through collaborative teamwork. We take away the fluff and get to the heart of what makes a cafe truly great. We believe in the power of intention, the courage to innovate, and the genuine support that builds a strong team so you can have excellent service and a sustainable operation. Our goal is to create a system that is resilient and can support itself. 
  • Operations Management

    We meticulously design and optimize your cafe's layout and systems to ensure a seamless operation that feels both authentic and welcoming. Our consultancy ensures a strategic approach to every aspect of your day-to-day operations

  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management

    We'll assist you in streamlining inventory management, utilizing demand forecasting, and implementing automations for a smoother daily operation. Our emphasis on supply chain resilience equips you with strategies to mitigate risks and maintain operational continuity.

  • Staff and Management Training

    Recognizing that your team is your greatest asset, we're committed to fostering a culture of excellence and empowerment. Our training programs delve beyond the basics, instilling precision and a strong support foundation. With comprehensive barista and management training, effective onboarding processes, and enriching coffee education, we aim to create a unified team that executes with intention and precision.

  • Customer Experience and Service

    Genuine and consistent service is a marker of excellence in any successful cafe. We collaborate with you to craft an experience that is not only genuine but also inclusive, building a culture of continuous improvement that strengthens community connections.

  • Financial Management and Reporting

    We demystify your financial landscape, providing clear and actionable insights to drive growth and resilience. Our focus on financial planning, cost control, and optimization empowers you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

  • Roastery

    We offer the similar services if you are interested in setting up a roastery. Click below to schedule a call or send us an email at

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